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Articles posted

This section collects a series of articles/posts on World War 2 and the protection of antiquities which are strictly related to SICILYWAR. The page seeks to provide a variety of information and data on safeguarding of antiquities, biographies of famous historical characters related to the project, decrees and special laws issued by the Italian state to manage the cultural heritage protection and much more!

Article 1: A special circular on first intervention teams by Mussolini (1936).

Article 2: Biography: Captain Mason Hammond (1903-200).

Article 3: Sanbags, sandbags and sandbags!.

Article 4: The law n. 1041 (6 July 1940).

Article 5: An introduction on Italian special laws on distinctive signals.

Article 6: Biography: Giuseppe Bottai (1895-1959).

Article 7: Biography: Jole Bovio Marconi (1897-1986).

Article 8: Gas masks for museums.