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Since 2019 SICILYWAR has been disseminated through a variety of activities which includes the presentation of project preliminary and final results at major international conferences. Nevertheless, most of them became ‘virtual’ due to the COVID-19 pandemic international situation. Events took place in Alabama (USA), Netherlands, Hungary, United Kingdom (x2) and Utah (USA). Papers have identified and elucidated some essential information on case studies on the protection of antiquities in Sicily which have been previously neglected by scholars. A profitable knowledge-exchange has been beneficial to obtain feedback by other attendants. Here, I provide a full list of presentations given at conferences and various events to disseminate the project:

2021-07-06: ‘World History Association Conference 2021: Health, Globally’, 5-9 July 2021 (Salt Lake City, UT, USA) (virtual): Sicily and World War 2: preserving antiquities, museums and sites in danger (1940–45).

2021-05-21: ‘Mediterranean Studies Association 23rd Annual Conference’, 26-29 May 2021 (Gibraltar, UK) (virtual): Protecting antiquities in a State of War: Sicily and World War II.

2021-03-15: Accordia Research Institute, ‘The Italy Lectures’ (London, UK): World War II in Sicily: protecting archaeology and museums under threat (15-03-21).

2020-08-27: ‘European Association of Archaeologists Annual Meeting’, 26-30 August 2020 (Budapest, Hungary) (virtual): Networks connecting archaeologists and authorities in Sicily (1940-45): Pietro Griffo and Jole Bovio Marconi during World War 2.

2020-05-30: ‘Classical Association of the Mid-West States (CAMWS) Annual Meeting’, 26-30 May 2020 (Birmingham, Alabama, USA) (virtual): Protecting antiquities in danger: Sicily and World War 2 (1940-45).

2020-03-10: NIOD Instituut voor Oorlogs-, Holocaust- en Genocidestudies (Amsterdam, Netherlands): Archaeology and museums at risk: impacting World War 2 in Sicily (10-03-20) [invited speaker].