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This page lists all publication outputs derived from the research project SICILYWAR. Amongst them, the contribution on Bovio Marconi and Griffo represents an essential theoretical approach to the study of networks and authorities in Sicily during World War 2. It defines the concept of the ‘4-level’ system which included: 1) state (Ministry of National Education, Ministry of War); 2) region (safeguarding authorities and superintendencies); 3) local (prefects, police forces, etc.); 4) the AMGOT acting a supranational body.

The forthcoming monograph CODENAME SICILYWAR, a thorough analysis of archaeology at risk in Sicily during the war, will be fully open-access and include all records traced in archives, organised in thematic appendices and ordered in chronological order.


Crisà A. (2023), Codename SICILYWAR: Archaeology, Museums and Social Networks Under Threat in Sicily during World War 2, Oxford: Archaeopress 2022 (forthcoming) [open-access].

Articles & contributions in edited volumes:

Crisà A. (2022), Archaeology, networks and authorities in a state of war: the ‘4-level system’ in Sicily (1939-43), in B. Arnold (ed.), Connecting People and Ideas: Networks and Networking in the History of Archaeology. New York: Springer 2022 (forthcoming) [open-access].

Popularization articles:

Crisà A. (2021), Antichità e protezione anti-aerea a Palermo: un nuovo progetto di ricerca, “Historia Palermo” (25/09/2021) (online).

Crisà A (2021), Tracing World War 2’s Impact on Sicily’s Cultural Heritage Sites and Museums, “History News Network” (10/10/2021) (online).

Reviews of thematic books:

Crisà A. (2021), Review of «S. Garfi, Conflict Landscapes. An Archaeology of the International Brigades in the Spanish Civil War» (Oxford 2019), “Landscape Journal”, 40 (2021), n. 1: 69-71.

Crisà A. (2022), Review of «N. Pollard, Bombing Pompeii. World Heritage & Military Necessity (Ann Arbor 2019), “Il Capitale Culturale”, 25 (2022): 683–85 [open-access].